We will strive to form a caring community-based network of duly qualified health practitioners who share our values and our commitments. Our practitioners shall be immune from prosecution or censure by any authority, person, or entity, insofar as they are acting within the above stated principles, laws, and precepts in the context of their acknowledged skill set that has been vetted by the Wakaminenga Health Council (WHC) as part of their registration. The Wakaminenga Health Council shall be the sole authority to which our health practitioners are accountable.

  • Access to our health providers is a privilege and not an entitlement.
  • Health is first and foremost a personal responsibility.
  • Our health practitioners can support and assist diligently an individual’s journey if they themselves act responsibly.
  • We are health facilitators, working in partnership, and do not accept blame when our advice is not followed.
  • Those who do not wish to have any personal responsibility and are unwilling to exchange value for value, for the sake of health and freedom, should address this issue before engaging with the Wakaminenga health practitioners as this is morally, ethically, and spiritually forbidden.
  • The goal of the Wakaminenga Health Council is to help restore, facilitate, and promote health and personal empowerment. If you have an unforeseen accident or acute illness you may need to seek care in the appropriate disease and illness-based hospital to which you will retain access. We will be happy to help facilitate your recovery once you are returned to your community.

We envision regional and community cooperatives that will facilitate, harvest, and grow healthy food produced without sprays. Maraes with land could also become the sites of community garden initiatives to promote resilience of our food supply and mentor youth by imparting wisdom in caring for the land and being kaitiaki. We envision our communities rekindling understanding and availability of rongoa and the revitalization of our maraes as the centre of the physical and spiritual sustenance of our communities. We hope to reduce waste and promote economy by creating weekly job, food, clothing, swaps, or markets at our maraes to create value and services for those engaged in this idea of community. These should be undertaken with an oath of integrity and honour in all practices. Our hope is to see a preferred economy evolve in support of hapu based supplies of food, services, and medicinal products, by hapu, for hapu.

DISCLAIMER: The WHC does not endorse any information or advice from any other organisation unless it is specifically stated by the WHC.


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