All Registered Wakaminenga Health Council practitioners do hereby agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct below and the WHC: Basic Concepts - Universal Laws.

  • Principle 1: First do not harm
  • Principle 2: The respect of free will and the personal responsibility that derives from its application.
  • Principle 3: At all times consider as one of your primary duties and highest priority, the health and well being of your patient.
  • Principle 4: To place integrity and professional ability amongst your primary duty.
  • Principle 5: To recognize your own limitations as well as the special skills of others in the prevention and treatment of ill-health and disease, refer on                           when needed to.
  • Principle 6: To honour and respect your professional colleagues and uphold your profession and its ongoing traditions.
  • Principle 7: To improve your professional knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and available treatment can be offered to your patients.
  • Principle 8: Unless a legal duty of disclosure operates to remove confidentiality in a particular case, endeavour to protect the patient's confidentiality at                      all times.

* Updated 4 March 2022.

DISCLAIMER: The WHC does not endorse any information or advice from any other organisation unless it is specifically stated by the WHC.


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