The following councils are administered under the overall authority of the Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council of Aotearoa Nu Tireni (New Zealand).

Professional Councils for Health & Wellbeing

Wakaminenga Medical Council

Wakeminenga Dental Council

Wakaminenga Pharmacy Council

Wakaminenga Nursing Council

Wakaminenga Midwifery Council

Wakaminenga Chiropractic Council

Wakaminenga Psychology

Wakeminenga Natural Medicine Council

Wakaminenga Dietetics Council

Wakaminenga Counselling Council

Wakaminenga Homeopathy Council

Wakaminenga Osteopathic Council

Wakaminenga Optometry Council

Wakeminenga  Psychotherapy Council

Wakaminenga Medical Herbalist Council

Wakaminenga Acupuncture/TCM Council

Wakaminenga Clinical Nutrition Council

Wakaminenga Manual Therapy Council

Wakaminenga Naturopathy Council

Te Wakeminenga Hauora Rongoā Council

Wakaminenga Audiology Council

Wakaminenga Social Worker Council

Wakaminenga Occupational Therapy Council



What if your health care system understood and valued your individual choices instead of trying to pigeon-hole you and your family into a “one-size fits all” model that advances big Pharma instead of your health?


What if your health care system understood that the health of the people is intimately tied to the health of their land, their food, their air, their water?


What if your health care system understood that integrative healing involves elements of body, mind, and spirit in the context of whanau and community health?


What if you were never coerced to take an experimental jab or lose your job or be restricted in your movement or your gatherings?


What if you were never ostracized for not wearing a mask which is an ineffective measure for controlling respiratory infection?


What if you were never locked down and had to do without the comfort of your whanau and friends?


What if your health care system offered strategies for promoting innate immunity and resilience instead of pretending that a jab was the only way?


What if your health care system promoted early inexpensive treatment for Covid-19 with safe established medications instead of creating onerous debt to force living men and women and their children to accept an experimental treatment that is not fit for purpose?

We believe that, as living men, women and children, we should never be forced or coerced to accept any medical treatment. This cannot be allowed to happen ever again. We believe that informed consent is fundamental to all medical treatment and that this requires full transparency regarding the potential risks and benefits of any proposed treatment. We believe in the innate capacity of the body and spirit to heal. We believe that the role of health practitioners is to facilitate wellness through education and guidance rather than shame, fear, and coercion which are repugnant to the sovereign human spirit. We believe that our Creator provided all that we need for our healing in Creation rather than synthetic chemicals which we should ingest only sparingly.

It is the goal of the Wakaminenga Hauora|Health Council to form meaningful partnerships with sovereign hapu throughout Nu Tireni o Aotearoa who share our values. Our hope is to provide access for all communities to quality health practitioners who are practicing in accordance with Universal laws in the sovereign jurisdiction of Nu Tireni o Aotearoa who honour health freedom and sovereignty. We believe this can be achieved through marae-based health initiatives and clinics in addition to telehealth whilst we accrue more practitioners in underserved regions and obtain greater access to funding. We hope that you will partner with us as we reclaim the health of Aotearoa and grow the health system that we all want to see, with hapu and whanau at the centre of decision making.

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey.



DISCLAIMER: The WHC does not endorse any information or advice from any other organisation unless it is specifically stated by the WHC.


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