The Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council (WHC) continues to actively work behind the scenes providing a better path for health practitioners enabling them to provide their much-needed services free of coercion, manipulation, threats, discrimination, and fear-based narratives.

We have now reached the first milestone.

The Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council (WHC) is now officially recognised as a Māori organisation providing services to Nga Hapu by the Taumata National Wakaminenga Ko Matou Nga Rangatira o Te Wakaminenga 1835.

This is a significant milestone in our journey, as the WHC can now engage with the Government and the Ministry of Health as a legitimate health authority. Behind the scenes, much work has been done and I wish to thank Taumata Robin Whanga, Dr. Anna Goodwin, Dr. Mark Pinkerton, Maureen Kumeroa and Craig Skelton for their tremendous efforts. I also wish to thank the professionals who have stepped up to administer their respective professional Councils such as Dr. Peter Canaday and Dr. Malena Hasbun at the Wakaminenga Medical Council, Dr. Paris Williams at the Wakaminenga Psychology Council, and Irene Chain Kalinowki at the Wakaminenga Midwifery Council, to name a few.

This has been a challenging time, navigating between competing groups. At the end of March 2022, we were informed by Taumata Robin Whanga that the organization we had partnered with in October 2021 did not have the approval of the National Wakaminenga (1), thus the WHC took swift remedial action, seeking and obtaining the full endorsement of the National Wakaminenga at the Ngahuru of the Tau Rangatira held at Whitiora Marae on the 26-27-28 April 2022. (2)

The Wakaminenga Hauora|Health Council (WHC) was constituted as the Sovereign Health Authority in the Māori jurisdiction on the 28 October 2021 under He Wakaputanga 1835.  As a separate legal entity, the Whakaminenga Health Council Topu Whenua Trust was lawfully constituted on 24 November 2021. This allowed the Trust to open a bank account in order to provide protection for the fees paid by WHC practitioners. Te Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council was formally appointed as the Sovereign Hauora Council by the Hereditary Chiefs and Heads of Tribes of the Northern parts of Aotearoa, Tainui, Waikato, and Tauranga Moana assembled in Congress at Te Tii Whitioria Marae 27 April 2022.

In accordance with Article 2 He Wakaputanga 1835, The Hereditary Chiefs and heads of tribes will not permit any legislative authority separate from themselves to exist, nor any function of government to be exercised within the said territories unless by persons appointed by them and acting under the authority of laws regularly enacted by them in Congress assembled. This is unextinguished international law.

In accordance with Article 2 Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1840, The Queen of England granted unqualified chieftainship over this land, its villages, and all treasurers to the Hereditary Chiefs of the Māori people of New Zealand. This is unextinguished international law. The domain of this Authority shall extend to the regions described in NZ Boundaries Act 1863.

Therefore, being duly appointed as the Sovereign Health Authority by the Confederation of United Tribes, the Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council, its Topu Whenua Trust, and all future assigns shall take lawful precedent over all statutory health authorities established by the Crown. All NZ statutes and subsidies pertaining to Health and Medicines shall be subject to subordination by the Sovereign Hauora | Health Authority, presently known as the Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council, acting under appointment of the Confederation of United Tribes.

Two important principles are at play.

A) First in time, first in Law: Ture Tikanga (Māori law) and He Wakaputanga clearly precedes common law in this country and focuses on upholding Māori customary law.
B) The international doctrine of contra proferentem: dictates that in cases of ambiguity a Treaty is to be interpreted against the drafting party, it is Te Tiriti o Waitangi that establishes Māori rights under the Treaty, not the adapted English “translation”. And it must be interpreted in favour of Māori.

Because successive New Zealand Governments that represent the Crown in the Treaty partnership, have failed to recognise Māori rights as Te Tiriti partners, it is now necessary to assert those rights including the right of self-governance. More importantly He Wakaputanga, the Proclamation/Declaration of Independence issued by the Confederation of Chiefs of the United Tribes in 1835 precedes Te Titiri O Waitangi and explicitly lay the ground rules for this nation.

Another important milestone!

First free baby born in Aotearoa. At the recent Congress of the National Wakaminenga held at Whitiora Marae, the first baby given a Living Birth Certificate instead of a NZ Corporation birth certificate was blessed by the assembled Rangatira. The baby was safely birthed at home with the direct assistance of Irene Chain Kalinowski, the chair of the Wakaminenga Midwifery Council, after 86 midwifes registered under HPCA refused to assist the parent because of their vaccination status.

Te Wakaminenga Hauora | Health Council was formally appointed as the Sovereign Hauora Council by the Hereditary Chiefs and Heads of Tribes of the Northern parts of Aotearoa, Tainui, Waikato, and Tauranga Moana assembled in Congress at Te Tii Whitiora Marae 27 April 2022. For more more information CLICK HERE.

We the living men and women of the WHC and NZDSOS standing in our collective sovereign capacity state that the Ministry of Health (MOH), after steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the reality of Māori jurisdiction, Tikanga as one of the two streams of law in this country and failing to fulfil their obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, has launched, via its DIRECTOR-GENERAL, an unlawful attack against the Wakaminenga Hauora Health Council of Aotearoa and those who have worked so hard to provide a path for qualified health professionals to practice their chosen profession under Māori jurisdiction. Amazingly We the living men and women that formed the WHC have done so voluntarily without expectation of any financial gains, purely to assist qualified health practitioners that were coerced and forced to breach their ethical obligations regarding informed consent and respect of freedom of choice for medical treatment.

The MOH as the administrator of the statute HPCA Act 2003 has directly or via its various HPCA entities repeatedly coerced qualified health practitioners and forced many of them to get multiple mRNA injections, now proven to lack effectiveness and safety, to be able to continue providing in person services to their patients. The MOH via its DIRECTOR-GENERAL is ignoring Tikanga customary law and targeting a sovereign hapu based health authority which stands within Tino Rangatiratanga Mana Motuhake.

The DIRECTOR-GENERAL while promoting pharmacological solutions is suppressing alternative treatments and ignoring evidence such as the great benefit of good Vitamin D levels as protection against viruses. These actions have thus caused significant physical and/or psychological harm to countless health practitioners and their patients/clients. The MOH also delivered a significant propaganda campaign using non peer reviewed science to create fear and uncertainty. Their policies have led to death and disability (as reported by Medsafe), major inflation, debt, and disarray in the health sector and in the economy in general, while hospitals are experiencing serious shortages of health professionals.

The MOH has now trampled any semblance of objectivity as they continue to pursue an agenda that is increasingly in contradiction with the published science whether is it about the mRNA injections, the mask mandates, or the ineffective lockdowns.

After months of attempting to have a rational debate based on the scientific evidence, most have concluded that it is pointless as the few “experts” at the MOH claim to know best and to monitor the latest scientific evidence while ignoring the science that does not support their chosen agenda and turning a blind eye to the alarming warning signs in the health sector and the general population.

Wakaminenga Hauora Health Council of Aotearoa, its administrators and the living men and women of NZDSOS will continue to uphold the rights of practitioners to provide their services to hapu and all communities in respect of Tikanga and Universal Law as a new experience and interaction between health professionals and the living men and women of Aotearoa (New Zealand) - A prosperous nation based on the respect of free will and the personal responsibility that derives from its application.

WHC and NZDSOS stand by the rights of any healthcare practitioner (HCP) to deliver a service and practice for all living communities across Aotearoa. We support free and open communication amongst HCPs and their patients enabling them their right to practice freely under Māori jurisdiction, the Confederation of Chiefs of the United Tribes and Universal Principles of Natural Law. The Wakaminenga Hauora Health Council of Aotearoa and NZDSOS is thus calling the attention of all living men and women of our nation to protect our God given rights.

WHC – Wakaminenga Hauora Health Council of Aotearoa
NZDSOS – New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science 


The WHC does not endorse any information or advice from any other organisation unless it is specifically stated by the WHC. | Karekau te WHC e tautoko i nga korero, i nga tohutohu mai i etahi atu whakahaere engari mena kaore i tino kii e te WHC.


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